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November 17, 2019| igameprovider

There are tons of betting scripts out there to buy but most of them are plain rubbish, we know for sure since we scouted the web big time before decided to release our turnkey scripts as a plain sale product.

Have a look at our popular Bitcoin betting script!

The entire idea behind our business model is simple and here is why,
If you take some time to inquire prices from all major sites you can find online that seems trustworthy,
By trystworthy i mean skip plain rubbish scripts you can buy on various sites for a couple hundred bucks cause this it 100% rubbish and you can better off save your money.
We know for a fact that most white label providers and proffessional script providers that provides equal quality as our own code starts easy at 10.000€ and up to 80-90K €

So why do we release our scripts with open sourcecode access at way less price? The answer is pretty simple
We want to be able to offer anybody the oppurtunity to launch their own online gambling business without getting ruined with massive setups and high monthly fees.

In face we charge NO nomthy fees and you get to keep 100% of alla revenue.
The only actuall monthly cost will be the server of your choise to host the system, thats it.

The procedure is simpe, just select the setup you want from our shop,
pay for it and share your domain url and hot login,
We install the system for free on your server and help you configure your own online gambling business and you will be up and running in no time.

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