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Turkgoal365 new script for 2021

November 25, 2020 |

Our brand new script Turkgoal365 have just been released and as a special promotion for 2021 we introduce this during our black week super sale, grab yourself a bargain at this amazing price discount. Turkgoal365 offers sportsbetting, in play sports, casino games, keno and bingo and we also included the popular poker client aswell.With our turnkey software you will be able to install the system onto your very own server and from there start accepting your own bets from real users with real money options. We only take a one time payment for the software, you will earn 100% commission and the files are 100% with no encryptions wich means you can edit and tweak the system just the way you like.Change logo, text, colours and even advanced things such as modify the odds, set maximum winnings and other great features for your online gambling bussiness.

Black friday week sale!

November 21, 2020 |

Dont miss the biggest event of the year on Betscripts – Black friday flash week with minimum 50% discount on all scripts!Please note, after this week the price will go back to normal again so grab yourself a bargain and we also offer free installation to all our customers. Become your own sportsbook & casino operator with our platform The main difference between a simple white label setup and running your very own platfom is quite big and you miss out on big functions, the entire cotrol and someone else (the operator) makes money based on your achievements.With our open sourcecode sportsbook solution you will be able to controll the odds yourself, its your call if you want to raise or lower the odds and if you like you may offer the worlds highest odds if you like, its all up to you.If you like, you can basically add any…    read more 

Betting script with full code access

June 1, 2020 |

We believe in full open sourcecode where you as a client can do whatever you want with our sourcecode without encryptions and limitations, this also means that after making a purchase in our betting script shop there is no more hidden fees what so ever! All you have to do is to buy the option you prefer and pay for it to get instant access to download the entire code structure, documentations and access free support.If you find the installation process tricky, please see our server recommendations and if you still cannot figure it out, we will install it for free on your server. Once recieved the download you can easilly change just about anything inside the code, all text, images, names, brands, logos and colours can easilly be changed into anything you like in order to make the setup just as you want it.We charge NO monthly fees, we…    read more 

Crypto currency betting website

May 26, 2020 |

With our turnkey software solutions you can start your very own online betting business within one day.All you need to get started is a solid domain name, logo and some images to patch onto our sourcecode and install the package and you will have your very own online betting website upp and running in no time. The main difference between our sports betting scripts is that comparing to white label betting setups you only pay a one time fee with us to obtain the actual sourcecode and from ther we charge no monthly fees, the deposits from players goes directly into your own crypto wallet ( for example bitcoin.com wallet) with no middle hand and only you will know someone placed a bet, no 3:rd party knowing or dealing with your business and you get paid on each bet, no need to wait a month for payout and minimum treshold.Basically…    read more 

Betting script

November 17, 2019 |

There are tons of betting scripts out there to buy but most of them are plain rubbish, we know for sure since we scouted the web big time before decided to release our turnkey scripts as a plain sale product. Have a look at our popular Bitcoin betting script! The entire idea behind our business model is simple and here is why,If you take some time to inquire prices from all major sites you can find online that seems trustworthy, By trystworthy i mean skip plain rubbish scripts you can buy on various sites for a couple hundred bucks cause this it 100% rubbish and you can better off save your money.We know for a fact that most white label providers and proffessional script providers that provides equal quality as our own code starts easy at 10.000€ and up to 80-90K € So why do we release our scripts with…    read more 

Online casino web script

December 29, 2015 |

With our turnkey and dynamic casino scripts you can customize anything, even the actual games can be edited to put your own logos, change the graphic and reskin the entire game with your own content. Become the main character in your own slot game, brand your company logo or your own crypto currency within the games and get a totally unique design and gameflow like no other website, there is no encryptions in the purchased code you will recieve and with this said, you can edit and modify just about anything you like within the entire structure of the online casino script. Another popular feature is that you can actually manually set limits withing each game separately. Lets say you dont want to go bankrupcy the first week, or maybe never Simply put a maximum winning limit and percentage to win, as an example you can put maxiumum 10usd /…    read more