Betting script with full code access

June 1, 2020 |

We believe in full open sourcecode where you as a client can do whatever you want with our sourcecode without encryptions and limitations, this also means that after making a purchase in our betting script shop there is no more hidden fees what so ever! All you have to do is to buy the option you prefer and pay for it to get instant access to download the entire code structure, documentations and access free support.If you find the installation process tricky, please see our server recommendations and if you still cannot figure it out, we will install it for free on your server. Once recieved the download you can easilly change just about anything inside the code, all text, images, names, brands, logos and colours can easilly be changed into anything you like in order to make the setup just as you want it.We charge NO monthly fees, we…    read more 

Betting script

November 17, 2019 |

There are tons of betting scripts out there to buy but most of them are plain rubbish, we know for sure since we scouted the web big time before decided to release our turnkey scripts as a plain sale product. Have a look at our popular Bitcoin betting script! The entire idea behind our business model is simple and here is why,If you take some time to inquire prices from all major sites you can find online that seems trustworthy, By trystworthy i mean skip plain rubbish scripts you can buy on various sites for a couple hundred bucks cause this it 100% rubbish and you can better off save your money.We know for a fact that most white label providers and proffessional script providers that provides equal quality as our own code starts easy at 10.000€ and up to 80-90K € So why do we release our scripts with…    read more