Crypto currency betting website

May 26, 2020| igameprovider

With our turnkey software solutions you can start your very own online betting business within one day.
All you need to get started is a solid domain name, logo and some images to patch onto our sourcecode and install the package and you will have your very own online betting website upp and running in no time.

The main difference between our sports betting scripts is that comparing to white label betting setups you only pay a one time fee with us to obtain the actual sourcecode and from ther we charge no monthly fees, the deposits from players goes directly into your own crypto wallet ( for example wallet) with no middle hand and only you will know someone placed a bet, no 3:rd party knowing or dealing with your business and you get paid on each bet, no need to wait a month for payout and minimum treshold.
Basically when a player places a bet its directly with you / the house and if they win its up to you to pay out the winning and the procedure behind that.

This is extremely ideal for any group or company that want to launch their own bitcoin / crupto gambling business and since its open sourcecode you can easilly add your own token to make the setup run on your very own currency or multiple ones.
The only limitation is your own mind and we have seen several high end potential clients going from zero to 6 figures in short time using our software system, you can do it too!

If you need any customizations, tweaks and modifications we have a stable set of techs to help you at at a fixed price working flow.

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