For the operators, We have built Admin Panel that has access to realtime Game Data and also can update Config or Setting, along with Basic Tasks like Creation & Deletion of Game Rooms, Tournaments & Barring/Unbarring Players, etc. All these updates are applied realtime, unless something that might impact current gameplay, in which case those config are applied as soon as the Current Game Session Ends.



The cod ecomes as a fully turnkey package with website and full responsive web play option suitable for desktop, tablets and mobile devices.
Multiplayer Texas Hold’em poker system where you will be the house and earn rakes and chips sales from all the action that will occurr on your site.

Totally up to date Poker system

The system is very 2021 with high end crisp design, code structure and functions and build on latest php, laravel & mysql structure .

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This system should not be confused with any cheap online poker script with poor quality, we offer you a very high end system that will blow your player away with awesome 3D graphics. 

This will be included in the purchase

The following documents will be delivered after the completion of the entire project and
the client satisfaction:
• Technical Document
This deliverable includes Scope Document, SRS Document, User Stories and
• PSD files of the design
We provide all the designs created by us for your project. All the formats including
JPEG, Vector, PSD, etc. are shared

Game description

Login / Signup
➢ Login using username and password (single login)
➢ Remember me option
➢ Forget Password (temporary password will be send on registered Email)
➢ Signup using Email address
❖ Lobby
➢ Public Game Tables with Real-Time Updates
➢ Quick Game Play Button
➢ Private Table Button
➢ Basic Options to Create Private Table
➢ User Details (Username, Avatar, Email, Balance)
➢ User Details Edit Feature (Avatar, Username, Password)
➢ User Game Stats (Public and Tournament Game Stats, Best HandRanking, Best Pot)
➢ User’s League Info(Current Level, Next Level, Current League, Require Xp)
➢ User logout Button
➢ Bonus Chip Button
➢ Real-Time Leader board of Weekly Top Player Based on Total Won Chips
➢ Leader board Filters Based on League, Country and World
➢ On Click Other User basic details
➢ Friend Request to Other User functionality
➢ Received Friend Request Notifications
➢ Received Friend Request List
➢ Friend List with Remove from list functionality
➢ Real-Time Other friends online status
➢ Admin Message notification at top on appearance
➢ Message Section for Messages List and Queries
➢ Help Section for Communication with Admin
➢ Sit-n-Go Tournament with Rea-Time Updates
➢ One-step Registering And Play Tournament feature
➢ Tournament List and Detail on single click
➢ Real-Time Shop section with multiple items including combos
➢ Selected Payment method including 3rd Party P.G. & Play Store
➢ User Settings
➢ Theme Options
➢ Notification On/Off and Sound On/Off Settings
➢ Rating on Play Store option
➢ User Agreement, Privacy Policy links
➢ Urgent Notification Popup
➢ Basic Notification in lobby at Top
➢ Promotional and Offers Notification at Center

Game table features

Join Game Table as Spectator
➢ Seat Selection
➢ Auto Buy-In
➢ Game Basic Details (Table name, Blinds, Minimum Buy-In, Limit Type)
➢ Blinds deduction
➢ Player Betting Options(Bet, Call, Check, Fold, Raise, Raise Slider, All-In)
➢ Pre-Flop
➢ The Flop
➢ The Turn
➢ The River
➢ The Showdown
➢ Game Switching
➢ Card Distribution Animation
➢ Bet Placed Animation
➢ Winner Animation
➢ Community Cards Animation
➢ Bet Buttons Appearance and Hide Animation
➢ One-Click Other User Detail Feature
➢ Friend Request/Accept and Reject Feature
➢ Game-Stats Real-Time
➢ Emoji Button
➢ Game Switching Button
➢ Game Leave Button
➢ Sound for Every Action during Gameplay
➢ Friend Invite Button (In case of Private Table)
➢ Blind Update Timer (In case of Tournament)
➢ Blind Update Animation (In Case of Tournament)
➢ User Rank (In case of Tournament)
➢ Impressive Tournament Win Animation (In Case of Tournament)
➢ Bots Player Appearances
➢ Bots Basic Game play

Admin panel

The admin will have following features:
➢ Dashboard
➢ Role Management (If Required)
➢ Player Management(Players & Bots)
➢ Transactions (Affiliates & Player)
➢ Commission Management
➢ Turnover Reports (If Required)
➢ Message & Complaints
➢ Game Management
➢ Tournament Management
➢ Leader board Settings
➢ Avatar & Emoji Management
➢ Shop Management
➢ Marketing management
➢ FAQ management

Gateway & security

Game server – Java/ Smart Fox Server will be provided by employer & over 60,000
users in real time with JAVA server.
• Hosting server will be provided by employer.
• Payment gateway will have –Credit card, debit card, Back transfer etc.
• For DDos prevent, we suggest Cloudflare

  • Website frontend – HTML5
  • Website backend – SDK – PHP (laravel)
  • IDE – GeanyServer – Apache
  • Database – My SQL
  • Game engine – Phaser 3 for web app
  • Game server – SmartFoxServer (SFS)
  • Game hosting server – AWS
  • Integrations – Paypal payments

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