Privacy policy and terms of purchase

The softmatrix betting and casino software is owned by Softbroke.
By purchasing any of our software solutions you will have the rights to launch your very own online gambling business and rebrand / rebuild it as you like without any further consent from Softbroke.
You are not allowed to resell or re-distribute our software in any way, this is highly prohibited and doing so will lead to legal actions where and fines accordingly since you allready approved our terms and conditions & purchase.
Since this is a software service, not all functions is layed out as you want it to, there might be a customization in progress wich may cause delay in setup of your purchase.
After full payment of your purchase you will be able to download the entire software and docs after verified payment recieved.

If you have your hosting provider ready instantly and a domain name all set we can deploy your online website within 24 hours (working days)
Weekends not included.

Use the setup below for server credentials
Operating system: Cent OS 7
Dedicated Server 6-Core
+ SSD 500 GB x 1
Click to continue with the server purchase,
After finalization and you get the
server credentials & login we can install
the system for you at free of chage.

If you decide to go with another server provider such as godaddy there might be issues causing the installation progress to be longer as we have encountered issues with other providers.
Cpanel is required.

Installation of software
Once the software has been handed over to you and we record a download
there is no money back returns.
Once we depoly the sourcecode and install onto your server of choise, there is no money back returns, whatever comes first
The reason is that once we handover the software we cannot know if you allready made copies or installed on another server.
For this reason its very important that you thoroughly go through the system, ask all neccessary questions and see our demo backend before you make the payment for a setup.
In most cases we can rebuild and provide additional coding if required, this normally comes with extra fees for development hours as per agreement.

We offer free lifetime support,
Free support is NOT free modifications, tweaks, rebuild or develpment
Free support is related to support in functions, software settings and related things.

Office hours:
Monday to friday GMT+1 09:00 to 17:00 our tech team is on place
Monday to friday GMT+1 09:00 to 20:00 live chat support is online
Saturday and sunday closed – However chat support is online in most cases.

Business promotion and restrictions:
Softbroke sell online gambling software for you to be able to run your very own online gambling business.
Its up to you to decide if the setup is appropriate for our country of region.
Most countries requires gambling license and some are totally restricted for online gambling, its up to you to follow local rules and regulations.
Softbroke takes no responsibility for how you run our business or to wich countries you will be targeting.
Our business model is transparent, to provide you with a online gambling solution in casino, betting, poker, bingo and keno regardless of your territory.


The system is built with PHP / Cake and mysql server
You will recieve the exact same setup as you choose to buy from our shop, same colours, images, games and settings.
If you require modifications and customizations included in the purchase this should be discussed before you buy or you can rebrand the images and layout yourself after delivered software / installation.

Odds data feed:

You will recieve the same odds data feed as we use in our demos.
This odds data is pulled from the betclic provider and does not cost you any monthly costs what so ever., its totally free.
Please note, totally free is not always the best option as it may come with delay and limited sports.
Since its a open sourcecode, you can actually change the odds data api to any other provider you suit fit better.
A 3:rd party odds data feed normally comes with a cost, this cost is on your end to pay.
Softbroke will not pay for any 3:rd party odds data feed for clients.
In order to change the odds data feed to another provider you need to re-map the ned data feed into the software so the new odds api of your choise is compatible with the software you are buying from us.
There is no quick way around this, its not possible to upload a pluging with new odds api from another provider fully enabled and working flawless as it needs customisations and coding.

Casino games:
The casino games are inluded in the actual code and its NOT a 3:rd party product by api wich lets you to be able to rebrand the images and sounds as you like.
If you want softbroke to rebrad and reskin the games on your behalf this will come with an extra cost as per agreement.

By ticking the button on checkout that you agree to theese terms and conitions binds you to follow the terms and conditions of purchase as mentioned in this page unconditionally.