SALE betting and live betting script

Pre match & Live betting script

This is a solid system with multi language option, pre match and live betting module.
Free lifetime odds data feed included.
Open sourcecode – allows you to actually do and change whatever you like within the structure of the code without limitations.
When a player makes a deposit it goes directly to your BTC wallet, paypal account, bank account, skrill or whatever payment gateway you will be using, no middle hand and you get every deposit directly.


  • Open sourcecode with no encryptions
  • Free odds data feed from Betclic
  • Documentation – Yes
  • Popular design
  • Version – latest update
  • Layout – Responsive
  • Code language – Php / Cake
  • Database – Mysql


Multiple payment gateways is allready included and integrated.
The system uses Bitcoin, fiat and other cryptocurrencies wich means you can actually run your online Poker anywhere in the world without any requirement of a gambling license, every placed bet will go to your wallet and payout will be on the same basis, you controll it all as you like!
Besides Bitcoin and 1000+ other cryptos the system also includes PayPal, Skrill, NovinPal and cash payment (for bet shops and resellers) and more.

We provide you with the system and you can use it as you like and target any country or juristriction as you want.
Gambling license or not, its all up to you how you want to play this, we provide you the system with payment options, sports feed and premium responsiv theme design and brand it as you like and from here you can run your very own poker business fast, easy and with 100% profit.


After purchase you will be granted access to the entire sourcecode of our options.
Installation manuals and docs will be included and if you prefer we can install the system onto your server at no extra cost.

Server requirements

Use the below minimumsetup below for server credentials
Operating system: Cent OS 7
Dedicated Server 6-Core
+ SSD 500 GB x 1

By buying our software solutions you accept the terms and conditions of the purchase wich you can read here.