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Turkgoal365 new script for 2021

November 25, 2020 |

Our brand new script Turkgoal365 have just been released and as a special promotion for 2021 we introduce this during our black week super sale, grab yourself a bargain at this amazing price discount. Turkgoal365 offers sportsbetting, in play sports, casino games, keno and bingo and we also included the popular poker client aswell.With our turnkey software you will be able to install the system onto your very own server and from there start accepting your own bets from real users with real money options. We only take a one time payment for the software, you will earn 100% commission and the files are 100% with no encryptions wich means you can edit and tweak the system just the way you like.Change logo, text, colours and even advanced things such as modify the odds, set maximum winnings and other great features for your online gambling bussiness.

Betting script

November 17, 2019 |

There are tons of betting scripts out there to buy but most of them are plain rubbish, we know for sure since we scouted the web big time before decided to release our turnkey scripts as a plain sale product. Have a look at our popular Bitcoin betting script! The entire idea behind our business model is simple and here is why,If you take some time to inquire prices from all major sites you can find online that seems trustworthy, By trystworthy i mean skip plain rubbish scripts you can buy on various sites for a couple hundred bucks cause this it 100% rubbish and you can better off save your money.We know for a fact that most white label providers and proffessional script providers that provides equal quality as our own code starts easy at 10.000€ and up to 80-90K € So why do we release our scripts with…    read more